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bumpr playing at the new museum – read about it here



The ndial. It is a sleek, turntable-sized contraption covered with — you guessed it — switches, buttons, and knobs. Bussigel cues up a Sade song from his laptop then filters it through the ndial, where he chops up and rearranges snippets of drums and voice by tapping blinking buttons. It sounds like the song has gone through a blender.

Philip Eil, Digital Alchemy on Power Street (Providence Phoenix)



Peter Bussigel’s Transmongolia for [objects] and video consisted of the composer himself busily creating a throng of looped sounds with everything from a Rubik’s Cube to magnets on metal beside a continuous hi-res shot of neon green Mongolian countryside taken from a train. Accepting the world of sound Bussigel set about creating was not easy, but the brain both clenched at the noise and longed for it after the fact.

- Elias Blumm, i care if you listen