an introduction to the history, theory, and production of electronic music and sound art.


Audiovisual Environments

audiovisual composition and time-based new media

syllabus (pdf) | website

Intermedia Composition

graduate seminar on composing within today’s rapidly changing technoculture

Syllabus (pdf)

Systems for Play

musical games & experimental sound systems

Syllabus(pdf) | Webpage

Computers & Music

introduction to music technology and electronic music composition

Syllabus (pdf)

Electronic Arts & Crafts

digitally controlled production tools for artists and craftspeople

Syllabus (pdf) | Webpage

Future Lives

upper level production seminar on fiction, myth, and technology

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Sound, Media & Urban Space

studio course exploring the role of sound in defining urban experience.

Syllabus (pdf)

Intermedia Ensemble

intermedia performance / custom interactive systems / handmade instruments

LILO: An Exquisite Corpse

intercultural exquisite corpse