Chorus for Untrained Operator

CHORUS FOR UNTRAINED OPERATOR is an audiovisual instrument made from a collection of discarded objects that have been relieved of their original responsibilities and rewired to emphasize their musical properties. The ensemble is controlled through the patchbay of a 1940s Western Electric switchboard. 

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The TRaNsMOGRiFiER is a system for transforming things in unpredictable ways. Objects dropped off during the day are subject to transmogrification–an overnight process that involves people, found materials, cardboard, electronics, and hot glue. Owners pick up their objectsTR the next day. There is no charge, but transmogrification is irreversible!

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One Room


ONE ROOM is a site specific performance/installation created for the RISD: Locally Made exhibition curated by Jori Ketten. By tapping the cedar slats of the exhibition space’s walls, the room becomes a microtonal marimba. Museum-goers were invited to play the room, one note at a time. The sounds, captured by a system of feedback delays, evolve over the course of the hour into a rhythmic cloud. A single string is stretched from each mallet hit point, in the order they were played, creating a web that traces the sequence.

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