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System for Reconsidering the Pattern

RE is a concert game for 1-4 ndial players following a score of ambient light. Players work their way through sound worlds determined beforehand and sampled at random. Sound worlds can be anything—field recordings, pop songs, speeches, synthesized sounds, or live input via microphone. Because control of content is limited, the players must listen and navigate unpredictable paths through the familiar soundscapes.

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a system for struggling with systems

SIMON is a multi-channel performance for human and video score. The role of the video changes throughout, at some points it structures the performer and at other points it represents the sound processes in the space.

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an improvised performance as part of TRaNsMOGRiFiER with john ferguson. all of the objects and instruments used were dropped off and transmogrified during the week.

One Room


One Room is a site specific performance/installation created for the RISD: Locally Made exhibition curated by Jori Ketten. By tapping the cedar slats of the exhibition space’s walls, the room becomes a microtonal marimba. Museum-goers were invited to play the room, one note at a time. The sounds, captured by a system of feedback delays, evolve over the course of the hour into a rhythmic cloud. A single string is stretched from each mallet hit point, in the order they were played, creating a map for tracing the sequence.

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