a collection of software and patches (mostly max) for performing, composing, playing, teaching, experimenting, figuring, drinking, and synthing–some are not so finished. 



Onism is a software program for playing in time and out of order. It is built in Max/MSP and designed to be used with the ndial interfaces, but it can be controlled using a keyboard and mouse as well. It combines sequencing paradigms with random sample selection and can be used to make interdeterminate remixes of recordings or as a live processing tool, reordering materials played by musicians.

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adding machine

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.00.47 AM

Adding Machines are really long feedback delay systems. They capture the input of a microphone and continuously loop the sound at regular or evolving intervals. The input folds into itself, and moves around in space. The machines can be controlled manually or set to animate on their own. These patches have been used in performances, installations, and as compositional instruments.

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simple, integratable, monophonic sequencer built in Max/MSP.

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quad thing

Quadraphonic Spatializer

A simple quadraphonic panning module built in Max/MSP that can be easily integrated into larger patches. Send the panner a signal and move sound around in quad space in different ways (manual, circle, random, drunk walk, mouse). You can send to the X and Y coordinates from external sources and midi controllers as well.

Download Patch (zip) – you’ll need Max/MSP

random video mixer / sequencer

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.52.15 AM

four video channels. each channel controls a bank of video samples. trigger and sequencer on each channel. you can designate the channel order (which is in front) and control scale, position, and speed for each channel. rough around the edges.

download the max patch (.zip) and a few videos to text with (zip | ~100mb).