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The NDIAL combines automated sampling and sequencing with manual controls to navigate sound worlds in unpredictable ways. The system selects samples at random from a live or prerecorded source and maps them to a hardware interface—an 8-step sequencer that goes around instead of along. The interface can match pulses, record live samples, reorganize patterns, add effects, and remix performances in real time. Recordings are explored out of order, and because control of the content is limited, preconceived strategies give way to the matters at hand.

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Torture Devices


TORTURE DEVICES are electro-acoustic instruments that are simultaneously sound generators and performance scores. A set of lights embedded in the instrument determine where, how, and when performers play. The sound is picked up by contact microphones and processed through shifting feedback delay lines. The result is an unpredictable choreography of movement, sound, and light as the performers navigate around the instrument.

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Pink Synth


PINK SYNTH is one of the more aggressive hex-schmitt synthesizers in the known universe. collaboration with celine


STARBOARD is an electro-acoustic percussion instrument and digital controller in one. Developed with percussionist and composer Fernando Rocha, the starboard has two embedded light sensors (under the blocks) and a number of buttons (on the bottom) giving the performer real-time control of audio processing on a computer.

Transmogrifier Brain


Part of the TRaNsMOGRiFieR installation (a collaboration with John Ferguson), the TRaNsMOGRiFieR bRaiN is the central transmogrification processor capable of changing any object into pretty much any other object, at least in theory. The brain is a simple synthesizer with a motorized mechanical sequencing system. Six capacitor trees rotate, each completing one of the square wave voices on a simple hex schmitt synthesizer circuit.

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