Listening In, Looking Out connects cultures and generations through non-linguistic communication using sound and image. It is conceived as an interdisciplinary, intercultural exquisite corpse, each iteration building on previous improvisation workshops. The project has three primary objectives:

  1. To create a collaborative environment that crosses national, cultural, and generational boundaries.
  2. To push the creative possibilities of improvising with sound & image within the networked age.
  3. To expose children to experimental improvisation techniques and new technologies for playing with sound.

Through structured improvisation and non-linguistic interaction, LILO allows young children to explore the potential in using sound as an expressive and communicative medium. Since 2009, Hiroya Miura and I have produced three iterations of LILO, bringing together professional musicians, student composers, and children in both Japan and the United States to collaborate on multimedia performances.

The project has received generous support from the Freeman Foundation at Bates College, the Kobushiko Association in Japan, and the Sendai Mediatheque.


07.2009 | Sendai Mediatheque in collaboration with the Heart Art Space, Be-I, Sendai
performed by cellist Jun Yamamoto & percussionist Masaki Endo.

08.2010 |  Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston

12.2010 | Bates College, Lewiston, ME
performed by percussionist Masaki Endo.

Documentation from various workshops…

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